Sunday, November 2, 2014

There's Some Protein in My Yogurt!

As many of my readers know, I've lost a considerable amount of weight over the past year or so. This has been a multi-pronged approach, with improvements to both my diet and exercise regimen. That being said, many of the things I eat now are highly modified from how they're typically prepared. I am also more willing to try foods in new ways, or to experiment.

One such experiment took place this morning for breakfast.

For the first time, I put a normal scoop of protein powder in with a cup of plain, non-fat yogurt. This is what it looked like.

I can assure you... it tastes as bad as it looks. The tangy sourness of the yogurt simply does not mix well with the protein powder. I forced myself to eat this concoction so it wouldn't go to waste. As I type this, I can still feel my stomach churning and bubbling. This was most certainly a terrible idea. I will not be trying this again. Do you have any suggestions for using protein powder? Please share!

Mmmm... slimy chocolate protein yogurt. The Ooze of the Gods!


  1. Hey friend, I want to say I feel your pain in finding a tasty protein powder. "How to the football players do it?", I used to wonder but I've found that using almond milk (unsweetened) with some fresh fruits will help it a lot. We all know that it doesn't matter how good something is for you, if it's not tasty, we're not gonna eat/drink it. I hope this helps some. Also here is a page I thought that could help you with some tips. : Good luck friend.,

  2. Couldn't tell you've lost weight from your profile pic. You must've been HUGE! Loser

    1. I was as big as a house. Thanks for the compliment!