Saturday, November 8, 2014

How I Missed the Boat on "Bob's Burgers".

Have I ever mentioned how much I like "Bob's Burgers"? I mean I REALLY like it. At first, I didn't believe I would. When "Bob's Burgers" premiered, "King of the Hill" had just been canceled, which happens to be one of my favorite television programs of all time. How could the Fox Network attempt to replace such a classic with a show about a greasy burger shop? It just didn't make any sense to me.

I really miss the Hill Family.

Jump ahead to last year...

A few years had passed since "King of the Hill" was canceled. I'd not attempted to watch "Bob's Burgers" in that time. That was soon to change, though. Late one night, I happened to catch an episode on Adult Swim. Half asleep and not thinking clearly, I somehow found myself chuckling at the odd Belcher Family of "Bob's Burgers"! Before long, I was asking myself...

"Why in the hell am I not watching this show already?"

One of the most genuine families on television. They've got PROBLEMS.

When it comes to missing out on great television programs, this was perhaps my biggest mistake. For two years, a great comedic program was airing right under my nose. My anger over the cancellation of "King of the Hill" had clouded my judgment. I should have known all along that "Bob's Burgers" would be fantastic. It was created by Loren Bouchard, whom also developed the highly superb and perpetually flying-under-the-radar cartoon "Home Movies".

Side Note - Home Movies was ironically co-created with Brendon Small and based upon his childood. Small went on to create the crushingly awesome Metalocalypse!

Side Side Note - I know my cartoons. The web of cartoon animation is a dangerous place to traverse. I came prepared! *cracks whip*

Could the quirkiness of the Belchers ever replace the straight-laced Hill Family? Of course not. But, that doesn't mean I couldn't find a new place in my heart for such a lovable cast of characters. "Bob's Burgers" truly is an achievement in animation... perhaps in televised comedy altogether.

If you haven't already given "Bob's Burgers" a try, I highly suggest you do so. Pro tip - keep an eye on the chalk board behind the counter in the restaurant. There's a different gimmick-themed burger every episode (and sometimes between scenes)!

I'll be discussing the phenomenon that is "King of the Hill" in a future article!

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