Friday, November 28, 2014

The Black Friday Power Sword Debacle.

Tonight's blog is being written live from the road. I'm currently cruising along Interstate 85 southbound towards home. I am riding shotgun and Crystal is driving. Tonight, I was lucky enough to enjoy a fantastic Vietnamese dinner with my brother Joshua and his wonderful better half Niki. Today has been a day for the record books. From here on, it shall forever be known as THE BLACK FRIDAY POWER SWORD DEBACLE!

Many months ago, I tracked down an elusive birthday gift for Josh. As a child, one of his favorite toys was the He-Man Power Sword. It's electronic with flashing lights, sounds and a motion-sensitive blade. I wanted to find Josh one to replace it and bring back some of that childhood fun! Thankfully, I found a really nice one earlier in the year with the original box. It worked perfectly!

Jump to today. I was to meet Josh for a post-Thanksgiving meal, to which I was also going to give him his birthday gift. I tested the Power Sword this morning before wrapping it... and the electronics failed to work! I was totally heartbroken, to say the least.

I immediately scoured eBay for a replacement Power Sword. Luckily enough, I found one in Apex, North Carolina. I made a detour through Apex on my way to Richmond to visit Joshua. There was one small catch, though. The Power Sword I'd found in Apex had a corroded battery compartment. With Crystal driving, I did my best to clean the corrosion whilst headed north to Richmond.

Long story short, the impossible was accomplished. A replacement He-Man Power Sword was acquired in the nick of time and the gift was complete. All this was done while going down the highway and working under high pressure. Admittedly, I got extremely lucky finding a replacement in Apex. The He-Man Power Sword is a tough vintage toy to locate. But, all the hard work was worth it to see my brother smile. I love him to death.

Such a boss.

Also, a big thanks to Crystal, whom guaranteed the success of today's mission. Without her, I surely would have failed.

I hope you enjoy the sword Josh. BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!

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