Saturday, November 15, 2014

More Exclamation Points!

Oh wow... boy did I have a great day!

Not only did I find a massive ton of complete LEGOS for only $30 at a liquidation sale this morning (SCORE!), but I also got to hang out in an arcade for a few hours (DOUBLE SCORE!!) and beat an old school Golden Axe game with Crystal (TRIPLE SCORE!!!).

On top of that, Crystal made me a royal dinner -- steak, okra, Brussels sprouts and macaroni and cheese, plus nachos and a killer chocolate cobbler!


This needs more exclamation points. Please, indulge me...




Okay, I think I'm goooood.... no wait... oooooohhhhh...


What a most excellent birthday I've had today. I can't be more thankful. So many of you wished me well  -- THANK YOU! It's nice to know my friends and family think about me. Perhaps I'm not such an unlovable curmudgeon after all.

My spirits are riding high this evening. I've got some great jazz playing from the Holiday Jazz Radio channel I manage over at Pandora. You're welcome to listen in and enjoy the jazzy tunes all season long. I've started my spiral into the Holidays on a better note this year than in the past. You -- my family and friends -- are the reason for that.

Now let's celebrate! Thanksgiving, here I come!

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