Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some Guy, Puppets and Election Day.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November...

That's right kiddies! Today is Guy Fawkes Day. Admittedly, Mr. Fawkes was a hapless, short-sighted twat, but his legacy has far surpassed any actual achievements he made while still in the land of the living.

What is Guy Fawkes Day, you may be asking yourself?


Guy Fawkes Day is an annual celebration held in Great Britain. With the advent of the internet and modern technology, the holiday has become more global in scope. On November 5, 1605, Guy Fawkes was arrested at the House of Lords in London while stewarding a shipment of explosives. Fawkes and others wanted to assassinate King James I and replace him with a Catholic figurehead. This attempt is known as the Gunpowder Plot. Of course, the whole thing failed and King James survived. All across England, citizens were allowed to light bonfires in jubilance. Through the centuries, Guy Fawkes Day has slowly morphed into a celebration of revelry and respite. In modern times, Fawkes is heralded as a figure of contempt against a tyrannous government (even though Fawkes himself was guilty of such endeavors). As it stands now, Guy Fawkes Day almost has two different versions of itself -- one that celebrates the survival of the English Monarchy, and one that exalts rebellion and anarchy.

I find it appropriate that Guy Fawkes Day falls soon after Election Day in the United States. For me at least, this day serves as a reminder that the People have the power to stand against unjust rule. Accordingly, we have never NOT had the power to remove any and all despots, fools and wealth-mongers from positions of authority within our Union. Try as they might to deceive the populace, political parties and prosperous barons can not completely take over -- in so long as the American Constitution is protected. Only a willing and callous population serves such purveyors of insidiousness. Unfortunately, that is a fair representation of our current political climate.

Not much changed on Election Day 2014. The same two talking-puppet parties retained control of our Federal Government. There are no real differences between Democrats and Republicans, except the color of their camouflage. The People sleepwalked into the voting booths and checked off their ballots for the same hollow, bought-and-paid for cretins. Hell, most people didn't even bother to wake up and vote -- overall turnout was less than 50% [UPDATE: The turnout was even lower than initial estimates - 36.6%]. There's a simple logic to my disappointment. Currently, approval ratings for Congress hover around 11%. Democrats and Republicans account for all but two seats in Congress. The only two non-affiliated independent members are Senators - Bernie Sanders from Vermont and Angus King from Maine. That means that out of the five hundred and forty-one total members of Congress, a mere 0.369% aren't a Republican or a Democrat!

Let that sink in, folks -- 0.369%.

So instead of removing the Democrats and Republicans whom are failing to fulfill the office to which they were so honorably elected, the People have decided to let them continue to not do their job! The logic makes no sense!

If you were a boss with an employee who didn't perform their duties day in and day out, would you continue to let them work for you? Of course not! You're not an idiot. That person would be fired and a new person would be hired to replace them.

Yet, here we are. The same knuckleheads are headed back to Washington to represent us. No change has occurred.

"But Jared... I voted! Doesn't that count for something?"

No, it does not. If you voted for either of the same two political parties that have a death-grip on our government, from Washington to Main Street, then you've done N-O-T-H-I-N-G! You might as well have stayed at home and picked your nose. Choosing not to vote and voting for a Democrat or a Republican produces the same result. It's a Win-Win for the politicians no matter which option you choose. Don't let the Right-Wing and the Left-Wing fool you into thinking you're making a difference. Those two wings are attached to the same gluttonous, lackadaisical pig that's flying past the Capitol Rotunda right now.

All hail the absurd flying pig in it's glorious befuddlement!

The only effective choice is to vote for ANYONE that's not a member of the American Two-Party system.

With all of these puppets, you'd think this were a child's toy room. Nope, it's just the Capitol Building. 

And now, I leave you with some prophetic words from the dearly departed Bill Hicks.

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