Friday, November 21, 2014

Ramblings from the Checkout Line.

I'm blogging this live from register #5 at Harris Teeter. I've been waiting in line for ten minutes, with no end in sight.

Oh look, it's that quack Doctor Oz staring at me from the candy rack!

Seriously... the woman in line ahead of me is buying a dozen containers of pimento cheese, three big packs of bacon and a half dozen bottles of tonic water. Something tells me this broad knows how to party! Harris Teeter is a mad house... and of course only half the registers are open. That's just how rich corporations roll! They make you WAIT on their dime!

The funniest part? My register attendant got snippy when we tried to bag our own groceries. If you don't like it, then actually have a bag boy come over and do their job!


Okay, I'm out. Back later with something more well thought out.

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