Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In The Holiday Mood.

Hurray! The Christmas Tree is up and ready for Santa Claus' arrival!

I'm so glad to have a real tree in my home this year for the holiday season. Crystal and I dressed our tree to look fantastic in every way. We have ornaments from our childhood, as well as ornaments we've obtained while we've been together. It looks wonderful... and really gets me in the holiday mood. Much different than last year when I was really down in the dumps.

In fact, there's such a festive atmosphere in our home that we've finished not one, but TWO bottles of wine. Mmmmm! I must be honest... I'm slightly tipsy as I write this blog. Though, I seem to type better while slightly inebriated, not worse. Go figure!


Tomorrow, our home outside will be dressed with light-up snowflakes, bells and a snowman! I hope to share photos with you tomorrow evening. Sleep tight friends and family!

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