Sunday, December 28, 2014

When One Night Just Isn't Enough.

Howdy folks! I'm working on a blog post that I've decided to finish and post tomorrow. It just grew too big, too fast. Instead of wasting it on a Sunday evening when no one will read it, I've decided to publish it tomorrow afternoon when it'll be more readily enjoyed by my devoted audience. I'll give you a hint...

What could it be? A Dawson's Creek Best-Of list? An in-depth discussion on the filmography of this generation's finest actor -- James Van Der Beek? An article about how awesome Pacey was? Or perhaps I'm misdirecting you... I'll never tell!

Sleep on it kiddies. I'll have an actual in-depth article for you tomorrow. I suspect you'll either love it... or laugh your ass off at me.

*You know... I might just have to write about Dawson's Creek after all. I was an unabashed fan of the show!

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