Monday, December 8, 2014

Merry Chistmas!

Be sure to click on this image to see it full size!

I personally snapped this photo on December 4, 2014 at Treasures on the Lane Antique Mall in Burlington, North Carolina. I couldn't believe it at first when I saw it. Were my eyes playing tricks on me?

After doing a double-take, I looked again.

Yep... this particular booth operator at the antique mall somehow managed to misspell Christmas and December on the same sign. How in the holy fires of Hades do you mess up the two most recognizable words on the sign?
Christmas is ingrained into our brains. It's everywhere around us! Much less, December is very easy to spell. DE-CEM-BER. See, you spell it like it sounds even. I could understand someone writing the month of February incorrectly; I see it misspelled all the time. But December? No... you're just an idiot.

Had this retailer only fudged one of the words, I might have cut them some slack. We all make mistakes. But two words? They clearly don't know how to spell (or probably tie their own shoe laces). There's an even bigger, more serious problem present if you're paying attention, though.

See the word 'Further' on the sign? If you look closely, you can see that there's an outline of tape around it. It's as if the sign's creator realized they made a mistake, then put a new piece of paper over it and wrote further correctly.



Here's something else that drives me nuts. Take notice of the items they're selling. Look right in the middle of the photo. Mhmmm... your eyes are not deceiving you.

This retailer is selling highly racist Black Sambo Memorabilia... at Christmas nevertheless. Little baby Jesus would be appalled.

Who would have guessed it... a racist can't spell Christmas or December. Shocking, right? (end sarcasm)

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