Monday, December 22, 2014

A Hidden Gem from the Past.

While shopping at my local Food Lion grocery store, out of the corner of my eye I saw something I hadn't seen in many years. The customer before me in the checkout line had a bag of Old Fashioned Vanilla Creme Drops!

Mind you, I was a pre-teenager the last time I had a creme drop. It seems that as I grew older, this particular holiday treat disappeared, never to be seen again. I knew of specialty shops on the internet that were producing creme drops in small quantities, but they were very expensive. In some instances, over $30 for a single bag.

I quickly, but politely, got the customer's attention and asked where in store she found them. She pointed me to their location. Briskly, like an excited stallion, I trotted over to their holy location. Behold... there were two bags left, and I got them both!

The bag says 'old-fashioned', to which it should be taken quite literally. Creme drops are a very traditional confectionery that go way back. Though, it seems they've all but vanished in modern times. Of course, I eat in a much better way than I used to, so I'll be slowly eating these instead of inhaling an entire bag in one night. I can remember eating whole bags of creme drops at Christmas as a kid. Boy... someone should have stepped in and stopped me.

I was so glad to discover the creme drops today. They're like a hidden gem from the past, stirring memories of holidays gone by.

What are some of your favorite holiday candies and sweets?

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