Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Sad Truth Behind Black Friday.

I had a monumental thought this morning while eating breakfast.

I wish Americans were as eager for Election Day as they were for Black Friday.

Shoppers crammed into Macy's of New York City for Black Friday.

Just imagine if the same people whom showed up for Black Friday this year actually turned out to vote? Early estimates of Black Friday 2014 show that more than 140 Million citizens turned out for the post-Thanksgiving sales rush. Compare that to the voter turnout this year - a paltry 115 Million (roughly 36.4% of eligible voters). This year's voter turn-out was the lowest since World War II!

Americans have no excuse for their lack of interest in their government. If they can get out in the freezing cold and wait in line hours (in some cases days) on end for deals on televisions, Playstations and toaster ovens, then they can get in line to vote. The aforementioned numbers don't even begin to include those whom skipped out on their Thanksgiving holiday and waited in line for deals! How utterly pathetic is that?! There is no excuse for the voter turn-out in this country. If you can get in line at 4 AM the day after Thanksgiving for a bargain, then you can spend an extra ten minutes on your drive to work to vote.

An empty polling location in Manhattan.
Photo Credit - Craig Warga, New York Daily News

Yet, some will say "my vote doesn't matter" or "nothing will change". With an attitude like that, nothing will change. Just imagine the lines that show up for Black Friday, except they're dangling out of polling locations. What if Americans were as enthusiastic to protect their liberty? Perhaps some real hope and change would take place. Instead, we have the government we deserve -- hollow, out of touch, polarized, bought and paid for by those with deep pockets.

The simple fact is that many Americans will not exercise their Constitutionally-protected rights because they're not getting anything in return...

Except they are... life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, the freedom of speech. What more do you have to receive in order to vote? Short of a mandate that requires all eligible citizens to vote (as it is in Australia), I don't see the situation improving. Why?

Because Americans have become apathetic, lazy, misguided and greedy. Don't like hearing the truth? Then do something to fix it. Otherwise, go back to your couch, watch some more Real Housewives and continue to ruin our civilization.

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