Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Like Night and Day.

Just a small update this evening as to Mellow's condition.

As the title of this blog suggests, he's practically fully recuperated. He was running, jumping and generally being his goofy old self today. The swelling in his leg has nearly completely dispersed and he's walking just fine. After the ordeal that we went through last week, I'm certain of a few things.

1. Based upon the symptoms, Mellow was probably bitten by a Wolf spider, which is what caused the swelling and limp.

2. My veterinarian completely dropped the ball and failed to examine Mellow completely.

Family Lycosidae - the Wolf Spider

When I took Mellow to the vet, I related that I had no explanation as to how he was injured. Basically, the vet performed x-rays, prescribed an anti-inflammatory and sent Mellow on his merry way. Had they of done a simple body examination and looked at the blister I soon after discovered on his body, they would have known that the cause of Mellow's issue was not orthopedic in nature. It's frustrating to say the least. To be honest, I'm seriously considering finding a new vet.

The worst of Mellow's condition was over the weekend. The blister I discovered on his shoulder opened up and all of the fluid trapped underneath his skin soon poured out. The whole process was quite disgusting. For the benefit of those with weak stomachs, I won't describe it any further than that. The wound was packed for a few days with some thick gauze to prevent an infection and to absorb the remnant fluid still leaking out of him. All in all, it was messy and awkward, but Mellow is almost back to normal.

That being said... despite the money wasted on a vet trip, I'm happy Mellow is back to normal. No matter how difficult Mellow can be, I'd feel real terrible if something happened to him.

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