Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Irresponsible Idiot Accidentally Kills Entire Family, But He's a Hero?

A troubling bit of news broke today about a family that died in their sleep over the weekend. Their bodies were found Monday. Rodney Todd (36) of Princess Anne, Maryland was found dead with his seven children in their home. They apparently were all victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. A few days previous, Mr. Todd's local utility company (Delmarva Power) had disconnected an illegal power meter that was stealing electricity from their grid. Todd had never established a legal utility connection in the six months he lived in the home.

In perhaps one of the dumbest moves ever on record, Todd installed a gas-powered generator inside his home kitchen. The carbon monoxide fumes from the generator essentially suffocated his entire family, including himself.

A typical warning label found on all gas generators. Had Mr. Todd heeded the label on his generator, his seven children wouldn't be dead.

I certainly hope that the seven children, whom ranged between ages 6 and 15, all passed away peacefully and without pain.

That being said, their father is an irresponsible idiot.

As the news disseminated all over the internet today, details about Todd and his children started to emerge. He was apparently granted custody of his children after a divorce from his wife and mother of the children, Tyisha Chambers. Shockingly, he was awarded this custody after stabbing Tyisha in the face and serving sixteen months in prison! What court in America would do such a thing? But, the absurdity does not end there. After their divorce, Chambers claimed she "lost track" of where Todd moved to with her children and was unable to provide child support. When asked about the death of her children, she was quoted as saying that...
"I'm just numb. Like it's a nightmare but it's not... If I had known he was without electricity, I would have helped."
So let me see if I can understand Chambers' statement here. She claims to not have known where her kids were, but suddenly she would have helped Todd if she'd known he was without power? Did she or did she not know about the conditions her children were living in? Much less, it took her children to be missing and living without power for her to want to help? What kind of mother does that?

This is enough to make my head spin. We clearly have yet another example of two thoughtless nimrods who couldn't seem to stop having unprotected sex, then completely and utterly failed to take care of their unplanned offspring. Seven children dead, all in one fell swoop -- Tyjuziana (15), Cameron (13), Tykeria (12), Tynijuzia (10), TyNiah (9), ZhiHeem (7) and Tybreyia (6). These poor kids are the victims here. They were haplessly slaughtered in a moment of stupidity by a man that had no business having children.

In various interviews done by local news media outlets, co-workers and friends of Mr. Todd have praised him as a hard-working man that did everything he could for his children. The media has begun to spin Todd as a hero, saying that he did all possible to provide a good life for his family. Yes, everything he could... except not install a generator in his house, not stab his wife and the mother of his children in the face, not steal electricity, not recklessly reproduce and not kill his kids. Yep... he sounds like a really fantastic father. Give me a break! If only he'd killed himself and not his kids, at least the kids could have entered into the foster system and potentially been adopted by someone who would actually give a crap about them.

Close your legs. Zip up your pants. Wear a condom. Do whatever you have to do to keep incidents like this from happening. The only people I feel sorry for are the innocent children who had no say in their creation... or their death.

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