Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Trapped in Allergy Hell.

Today has been... difficult.

With allergy season kicking into full gear, I've felt like utter crap. Today, I had one of the worst allergy attacks I believe I've ever experienced. I exhausted nearly an entire box of tissues, filling up two trash cans in the process. I am fully convinced there's a waterfall behind my face; there has to be considering all the fluid that came out of me today.

Yesterday, I purchased a neti pot. It was the first time I ever used one to combat sinus problems and allergies. Unfortunately, I'm one of those rare individuals where the neti pot actually made my problems WORSE instead of better. Flushing my sinuses out enraged them with furious contempt. When it was all said and done, I didn't even make it to bed until after 1 AM because of my sneezing and the pressure in my face.

This morning, I awoke under slightly better circumstances, but they didn't last for long. The waterfall in my face started to flow soon enough. Violent sneezing quickly followed. I finally caved and ingested a Zyrtec around 2 PM today. Though, this is always my last line of defense -- Zyrtec morphs me into a slow-witted dullard. I'm writing this blog now because I know I won't have the intelligence or faculty to compose it later this evening. Unfortunately, I believe I'll have to rely on Zyrtec for the near future; at least until the tree pollen subsides.

I wish it was possible to receive a sinus transplant. Ugh.

This is the enemy.

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