Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Worm and the Snake.

Norman and Hector were the best of friends. They crawled along sidewalks together. They wiggled up tree trunks together. They even buried themselves in garden beds together.

You see, Norman was a worm and Hector was a snake.

Norman and Hector were practically inseparable. They did everything together, just as best friends do. Every so often, the two would have a friendly competition. They'd each take the opportunity to show off.

Norman, being a worm, would always prove to Hector how great of a digger he was. No matter how hard Hector tried, he just couldn't dig as well as his slimy little friend.

On the other hand, Hector was a fantastic dancer. It didn't matter how hard Norman tried, but he just couldn't best his hissing friend.

After a bout of intensive one-upmanship on a sunny day, the two friends decided to rest in the park. They spread out in a patch of lush, green grass and stretched their weary bodies. Norman and Hector took in the fresh sunshine and relaxed.

"Hector, we really are two awesome creatures, aren't we?"

"You can say that again, Norman. There's just nothing out there better than us!"

As they rested on the ground, Norman and Hector drifted off to sleep. Unfortunately, this left them completely unaware of two falcons swooping down towards them.

The first falcon swallowed Norman in one gulp. The poor worm never had a chance. Soon, he was swimming in a vat of stomach acid, screaming for his life.

"Hector, heeeeeeelp... meeeeeee...."

No sooner had Norman been consumed did the second falcon dig its sharp talons into Hector's exposed belly. The claws eviscerated the unsuspecting snake before he could ever awaken. Tearing at his insides, Hector was soon left bisected by the falcon. Resting in two pieces upon the lawn, he stared at his disemboweled body in disbelief.


And with that, the best friends became lunch for two completely uncaring and indifferent birds of prey.


So what's the moral of the story, kids? Just when you think you're the best, someone bigger and smarter can come along and ruin everything. Never rest on your laurels. Every day is a new opportunity for greater improvement.


  1. Ain't this some truth!!

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