Friday, April 10, 2015

National Siblings Day - What My Siblings Mean To Me.

Together for James' birthday - 2006

Being that today is National Siblings Day, I thought I'd take a moment to recognize my two younger brothers and younger sister. They represent so much love, joy and happiness in my life. Without them, my life would have drastically less meaning and I'd be a much different person. To better express how I feel about each of my siblings, I'll use a single word to illustrate what they mean to me.

Perseverance - My brother Joshua doesn't understand the concept of giving up. He's a fighter, through and through. When the chips are down and friends are hard to find, he'll be there to lend a hand. No task is too big for him to overcome. No matter the odds, he'll make sure the mission is complete. He's the type of guy you want heading up a team -- Optimus Prime in the flesh. I'd trust Joshua to lead me anywhere.

Integrity - When it comes to sticking by your principles and being honest across the board, James fits the bill exactly. He might not have the most popular perspective on things, but his opinions are usually the most fair and righteous. He's a raven in a flock of doves -- the one element no one expects to add a much needed counterpoint. I respect James for the man he has become -- dependable, compassionate and not afraid to say what he thinks.

Spirit - It's undeniable; my sister Julie is a firecracker with a zest for life. She isn't afraid to give you her opinion. She'll bend over backwards to help a friend in need and add a little spice while she's doing it. Julie is a rare individual who breaks away from the norm. Fun and flair are always in order. If you're in need of a vibrant, feisty young woman with a no-quit attitude, Julie is the perfect candidate.

The above photos were all taken in 1997. It's amazing how much these three wonderful kids have grown up since then. I'm such a lucky guy -- I got to see them develop and mature each and every step of the way. That's something no one will ever be able to take away from me... and I'm a better man for it.


  1. Wow. I'm completely astounded. This is one of the most incredible things anyone has ever said about me. I'd be 100% floored if half of what you said is true.

    Even better, that it was said by such a phenomenal soul such as yourself. You are from.another time -- no, you are from another era. The class that you show is unmatched. The biggest thing j can say about you is that I can *always* rely on you for an honest (and very unfiltered) opinion. You'll always give it to me straight...and when I'm done cussing because I didn't get my way, you'll give me a handshake, hug and a dram of the finest scotch.

    I love you and the aforementioned siblings we share. Your opinion of them was spot on and I'm proud to call each of you a piece of my heart.

    Thanks for making my day.